Game of Thrones Behind the Scenes!

I’m a gigantic fan of Game of Thrones.  To those of you who are unfamiliar with this show/books  GET FAMILIAR!  It is the MOST AWESOME show ever on television ever!

Our Game of Thrones inspired shoot was focused on Daenerys and her dragons.  We went with a scene from Clash of Kings featuring her in the RED WASTE.  I was lucky enough to find a model who was not only right for the part but had short blonde hair as well.   For those who have read the book, all of her hair is burned off and is quite short during her trek through the desert.  I liked the idea of being able to have pictures of her with a long wig for the TV show buffs, and short hair for those of us who read the book and like those little details.

The day started off early.  9am call time.  We drove out to Independence where our photographer, Julie O’Neil, has her studio.  Julie was awesome and supplied us with endless episodes of GAME OF THRONES to watch during the very long painting process.  Each dragon took between 1 and 1.5 hours.  Our lovely model, Chelsea Leaver, was lucky when I painted Drogon.  He was located on her shoulder so she got to sit down.  She was not so lucky with the other two, which required her to stand very still during the entire process.  What a trouper though!

On to the makeup and wig!  I went with a very light coat of makeup for her face.  Chelsea has insane bone structure and eyes and very little makeup was needed to have her stand out.  I had a lot of fun with the wig!  We used a cheap platinum mermaid wig.  It worked out well because we needed it to look really messy.  Any time I had to hide the wig’s netting I could just pull out loose strands.   I don’t normally style hair so I was really proud of how well it turned out.  I used a youtube tutorial.  This girl is amazing and has tutorials from several Game of Thrones styles:

A very talented friend of mine custom made a dothraki costume for us.  It needed to cover less skin that Daenerys’s usual costume from the show, so that it wouldn’t cover up the painted dragons.  The costume we received from Christy Artzer of Plaza Weavers Alterations, was absolutely perfect for the shoot.

After the costume, wig and makeup was all done, Chelsea looked a bit too much like a Disney princess.   The only solution?  Cover her with dirt and ash!   There is this excellent stuff from Ben Nye called Prarie dust.  It worked out great and was really fun to apply.  We effectively made Chelsea look as if she’d been stranded in the desert without a bath for days.

We found a great location with lots of rocks and dirt.  The weather, which had been a lovely 80 degrees all week decided to spike to a horrid 95 plus humidity, just for us!  I think it actually rose during our shoot, but I didn’t have a thermometer with me.  Perhaps Mother Nature wanted our desert shoot to be as accurate as possible.  Everyone involved was able to push through the heat and get some great shots.   Afterwards we all went out for some well deserved ice cream!

One of my favorite shoots so far.  Can’t wait for the pictures to finish being edited so that I can post them for you!  Here are some links of those involved



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Sketching our cute little curled up dragon.

Sketching our cute little curled up dragon.

Dragon number 3 almost complete!

This is me with my green paint all over my face.  Earlier i touched my eye and got black/purple all over it.  It looked like i'd been punched in the face.

This is me with my green paint all over my face. Earlier i touched my eye and got black/purple all over it. It looked like i’d been punched in the face.

Here's Chelsea with all her lovely dirt!

Here’s Chelsea with all her lovely dirt!


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